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Rules for superconductivity mirrored in 'excitonic insulator' [2018-02-12 08:54:11] (Click No.:12)
Solid-state physics offers insights into dielectric properties of biomaterials [2018-01-31 12:49:58] (Click No.:27)
Thin, flat meta-lenses with tunable features developed [2018-01-24 21:18:57] (Click No.:38)
Optical frequency comb offers a convenient way to generate e-lusive terahertz frequencies [2017-11-30 09:27:34] (Click No.:63)
Researchers develop milestone for ultra-fast communications and computing [2017-11-23 09:35:55] (Click No.:56)
Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials [2017-11-16 12:24:43] (Click No.:62)
Aspirin tablets help unravel basic physics [2017-10-31 09:17:20] (Click No.:70)
Nanotechnology experts create first terahertz-speed polarization optical switch [2017-10-30 09:25:48] (Click No.:63)
Spin currents switch at terahertz frequencies [2017-09-11 19:58:35] (Click No.:94)
Scientists directly observe light-to-energy transfer in new solar cell materials [2017-08-09 08:53:12] (Click No.:95)
Three-dimensional graphene: Experiment at BESSY II shows that optical pro-perties are tuneable [2017-06-20 09:37:10] (Click No.:109)
Mapping changes in the dynamics and structure of water mole-cules in the vicinity of solutes [2017-06-16 09:38:14] (Click No.:118)
One laser is enough [2017-06-08 09:51:17] (Click No.:93)
Physicists predict the existence of unusual optical composites [2017-05-31 09:26:32] (Click No.:108)
Into the submillimeter—the early universe's formation [2017-05-24 09:50:43] (Click No.:101)
QCL-based THz sources generate 'record' ultrashort pulses [2017-03-14 21:20:48] (Click No.:162)
Low-power tabletop source of ultrashort electron beams could replace car-size X-ray devices [2016-12-08 09:09:08] (Click No.:187)
Researchers bring theorized mechanism of conduction to life [2016-12-05 12:46:07] (Click No.:200)
Marconi inspires Rice design for 1-terabit wireless [2016-11-24 10:04:39] (Click No.:183)
Light-driven atomic rotations excite magnetic waves [2016-11-18 13:47:11] (Click No.:179)
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