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The 2nd Shenzhen International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology -(2009 SICAST) successfully held in Shenzhen!
date2009-11-17 22:22:24 Click No.5615

Source: China THz R&D Network   Yang Ping and Jojo Ma

    The 2nd Shenzhen International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (2009 SICAST) was successfully held in Shenzhen on 16th, Nov., 2009 with a theme topic on THz S&T and application. 2009 SICAST is co-sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), National Natural Science of China (NNSC) and Shenzhen Municipal government. It is co-organized by Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Academician Base of CAS, and Shenzhen Science Industry Trade and Informationalization Committee (SZSITIC). Dozens of international THz experts from all over the world participate in this three-day-conference.

    The opening ceremony was held at the meeting room of Shenzhen University library in the morning of 16th, Nov., 2009 presided by the chairman of 2009 SICAST International Organization Committee, Prof. Terence James Parker. Firstly, the chairman of 2009 SICAST Shenzhen Organization Committee, Prof. Xie Weixin, announced that the meeting was open, followed by the salutatory made by Shenzhen University president, Prof. Zhang Bigong. Deputy secretary-general of CAS, Tan Tieniu made an important speech on behalf of CAS. Doctor Guo Aiping, CEO of TCL communication, on behalf of domestic electronic enterprises, also delivered a speech congratulating the opening of 2009 SICAST as well as viewing forward that THz products might be applied in more and more households. At last, the chairman of 2009 SICAST, CAS academician Liu Shenggang, made an opening speech reviewing the origin and development of SICAST, expressing thanks to the supports from all of the colleagues and the government department concerned, and giving best wished to the success of the 2nd SICAST. Prof. Liu also expected that the research and development of THz science and technology might make great contribution to the improvement of people¨s living standards as well as promoting the advancement of scientific progress.

    2009 SICAST invites world famous THz scholars from 7 countries such as Prof. Terence J. Parker, Prof. Keith Adam Nelson, Prof. Manfred Thumm, Prof. Peter H. Siegel, and Prof. Liu Shenggang, and there are 15 invited reports covering THz S&T and application. Meanwhile there are a dozen of Chinese young scholars who will make academic reports for THz experts within the three days. Today, based on the conference schedule, Doctor Peter H. Siegel and Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi started their reports and China THz R&D Network would cover the latest news thereafter. This afternoon, president of newly founded Southern University of Technology, academician Zhu Qingshi, participated in the meeting. He sincerely congratulated the opening of 2009 SICAST, and expected that 2011 SICAST could be held in Southern University of Technology.

    The editor of China THz R&D Network Jojo Ma was invited to attend the conference, who will make a speech introducing the development of China THz R&D Network and the online Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology (JTST) to all of the meeting participants.


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